Thursday, May 22, 2008

Of Mice and Men Quiz

1. Why is Candy so attached to his dog?

Candy is attached to the dog because he had him since he was a pup.

2 . When Lennie dies at the end, how do you think that George feels ?

I think that George is full of emotion. Even though he doesn’t show it, he knows that he needs to do it. He probably feels that Lennie doesn’t deserves it because he needs to do it.

3. In the movie Of Mice and Men why does Slim and George become the best of friends ?

They become the best friends because Slim understand what George is going through. He knows that Lennie and George are the only two people that they have. He knows that George is only trying to take care of Lennie

4. Do you think that Lennie meant to kill Curley’s wife ?

I don’t think he meant to kill her. I think that he becomes scared and freaks out. I feel because of he illness he became scared.

5. What is Lennie is excited for when they move ?

He’s excited because he’s ready to take care of the rabbits

6. Why is Crook against Lennie in his room ?

He thinks that since he’s not allowed in their bunk house then he shouldn’t be in her bunk house.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Service Learning Reflections 5/16/08

Last week in service learning we did accomplish a lot. I think that the closet group decided to clean the rest of the closet out. Then since the rest of the group were finish their projects so we decided to help out the book group.We looked up publishers and different type of book that we decided we would like in the library. Then we came up with a "study hall" type of thing. This would be very helpful to people that need help during the day to study. We are asking all of the teachers to donate extra books that could help kids with there studying.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Service Learning Project: May 2, 2008

Last week in service learning we accomplished something. We split up into groups, one group sorted out the magazines in the library. We took the magazines that were old and threw them away. Another group took the books that didn't refrence books and put refernce stickers on them. Another group took the books that was donated and wiped them off and put them into storage. Over all we accomplished a lot

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Service Learning Project: April 17, 2008

Last weeks Service Learning was pretty good. We got some of the things we wanted to do accomplished. We will either be starting this week or next week to start to sorting out the books that were donated. We discussed about how we were going to get the new books inside the school with permission. We got people to research the type of books the young adults of the school like. This week we will be giving all the the information that we have found together and go from there.
We talked about how we are planning on going on a field trip to the library downtown. They will be having a couple of seminars on different topics. We are trying to get to that so that we would have a better idea as to what we are doing. We also will be having one of the librarians from the library next door come in and talk to us about what we want to do. He will also be helping us with the new books that we want to get in. Hopefully we get a lot done at the next meeting.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Service Learning Project: Library.

In the library group we had a nice discussion. We talked about what we will be doing in the group. We talked about how we need new books and how we need to look for grants for our new books. We also discussed what we would like to see in the library. How we would like to see the books that we read on a daily basis, how we like to read more urban books. One thing we want to do is try to get more of the new books that we read nowadays. One thing that was a concern was how the books that we do have is the books that we have already read in previous grades. We feel that this library is nothing but history books that we personally dont like. Our main goal for the library for this year is to get more people interested in going into the library, not just to go on the computers but to read and check books out.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My NHD Reflection

My Reflection on N.H.D '08
BY: Ashleigh Foster

This years N.H.D project was a little more stressful than last years. This year we didnt get to so much of the work inside class like last year. We were all on our own this year. Sometimes I felt like tha world was going to explode. But of course it didnt.
This year was my topic was the " Dred Scott Decision". At first I didnt really like that topic, but then it grew on me. It started to intrest me when I found out that the case was onr of the starts of the " Civil War".
Next year I dont think that we should have to do the N.H.D project. I feel this wasy becasue I think that we are going to be to worried about college and getting our grades together to look at colleges. These last two years it was were a little too stressful and next year we shouldnt have to be that stressed. we should be tryingg to enjoy our last two years instead of stressing out like we have done in the past.

Friday, February 1, 2008



Definition: Rare, infrequent

Synonym: hardly, not often

Antonyms: a lot, frequently